Help us save Children and Families in Haiti!

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Our Mission Statement

VwAyiti empowers rural Haitian communities to economic independence from urban centers for future generations by increasing access to education and employment opportunities.

We keep our administrative costs to just 5% of every dollar spent. By helping others we change lives around the world.

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Help us to save Children and Families in Haiti

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We respect the power of your generosity to shape the lives of children who need it most. You can become a hero to the children of VwAyiti. With your gift, you are helping us provide access to education, health care, and nutrition and offer a new chance at life to children who need it the most. Great work is being done by charities, nonprofits, and other charitable organizations worldwide. And with the help of friends like you, we can all make a difference. We believe that effective charitable giving depends on mutual trust, so we're committed to providing you with the most accurate and transparent information possible.


VwAyiti empowers rural Haitian communities to economic independence from urban centers for future generations by increasing access to education and employment opportunities.


VwAyiti envision’s a future where Haiti’s rural communities are empowered, secure, and self sufficient, free from the threat of gang recruitment and child exploitation.

Areas to Impact:


VwAyiti is a new solidarity movement with a mission to defend children who have been harmed by conflict. Our vision is to mold a world where all children are given the opportunity to live their lives in peace, with access to education, healthcare, and support systems.

Hunger, poverty, and inequality are issues that affect everyone. They are not inevitable, and we must take action now to stop them.

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Become an ambassador of VwAyiti!

Are you passionate about protecting the rights of children? Do you wish to provide for a better world and make a change in children’s rights? Become an ambassador of this cause! You can show devotion by expressing yourself and acting out on different levels. It’s all about how much time you invest and how committed you are.

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Become a Volunteer

Volunteering with VwAyiti is an excellent opportunity to make a difference in a child’s life. Come and make a difference in the life of a child! VwAyiti is an organization that develops actions to promote, protect, and develop Children’s Rights. We provide an international volunteer network of individuals who are keen to commit to making a massive difference in the lives of children through real-life volunteering.

Become a sponsor

Our mission is to protect children and help them grow up in safe and loving environments. That’s why we always ensure that each sponsored child has at least one adult who cares about their well-being. When you sponsor a child, you give them a chance to be happy and healthy. Your sponsorship will help them get an education and access essential services like healthcare, clean water, and nutritious food.
As a sponsor, you will have an opportunity to build a meaningful relationship with your sponsored child.

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Our Vision

VwAyiti’s vision is to help Haitian children get educated, support them while they live with their parents, find a sponsor, or even develop agriculture so their parents can earn a living.

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Haiti volunteers and Interns

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A media partnership is a collaboration between media organizations and VwAyiti to help each other through promotion, raising visibility and credibility that should be in their interests.



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