About Us

The meaning of VwAyiti is The Voice of Haiti.

Vwa meaning Voice

Ayiti is Haiti in Haitian Creole

What is VwAyiti?

A completely different way of creating progressive change in Haiti. VwAyiti is focused on Classical education movement and Computer Tech schools to create job opportunities At-risk Haitian youth.

No religion/church other affiliation/dependency and Just for Haiti.

What will VwAyiti accomplish?

VwAyiti will focus on creating trade education and training as well as establishing opportunities for jobs, especially in the global internet. Aka, gig economy.

The Target of 125 students graduated the first year.
90% placement into Gig economy work or alike.
This is an executable start and will grow as the Haitian economy stabilizes and the program gets donations.

How will VwAyiti accomplish that given the challenges in Haiti?

VwAyiti will focus on rural populations and provide remote learning through international teachers and satellite Internet with as required local support.


VwAyiti’s mission is to help Haitian children get educated, support them while they live with their parents, find a sponsor, or even develop agriculture so their parents can earn a living. Our goal is to help develop the countryside and keep people in the countryside to prevent kids from migrating to Port-au-Prince, where they risk being recruited by gangs.


VwAyiti envision’s a future where Haiti’s rural communities are empowered, secure, and self sufficient, free from the threat of gang recruitment and child exploitation.

Strategic Approach:

Changing student futures of rural Haitian communities through education & economic opportunities

VwAyiti seeks to advance economic independent of rural Haitian communities by providing students access to core (i.e. classical) education, English language development, digital literacy training, and connections to virtual jobs and employment opportunities. By developing the future talent and workforce of rural communities, youth will experience a reduced dependency on pursuing opportunities in urban centers (primarily Port-au-Prince, where they become at high risk of exposure to violent crime and gang recruitment.

Classical Education Support

Provide financial support to students to access and complete grade school

English Language Development

Provide English as a Second Language courses to participating students to develop English proficiency

Digital Literacy Training

Provide an introduction to computers and software development to students

Employment Opportunities

Connect students who’ve completed their classical education, ESL, and digital literacy training to virtual jobs

They Need Your Help!

Help us save Children and Families in Haiti