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Our Operational Partners Partnership

VwAyiti works in partnership with local organizations. Together, we look out for each other, share stories and ideas, report on progress, and inform actions. VwAyiti’s mission is to bring together people around the world to help children growing up under the worst conditions in Haiti. Our goal is to empower these children through education and access to resources so that they can grow into healthy and productive adults who contribute positively to their communities.

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1.) Qualify

To qualify as a registered establishment, you must meet and adhere to the MENFP minimum curriculum requirements and pass a verification process.

2.) Eligiblility

All eligible institutions must have an active bank account in the establishment's name.

3.) Visitations

The institution must accept visitations to its campus or other locations during the school year by VwAyiti and/or its affiliated partners and allow staff members to enter the premises as necessary to conduct evaluations.

4.) Applicants

All applicants will be required to submit all documents requested by VwAyiti within two weeks of the date for submission and meet minimum educational requirements.

5.) Institutions

All institutions must agree not to send program beneficiaries home due to tuition fees to become affiliated schools. Any questions or concerns should be directed to VwAyiti.

6.) Report Forms

Schools must agree to submit student report forms each semester to be affiliated with the organization.

7.) Responsiblity

Students must plant five trees yearly on the school farm to maintain the environment for all, rebuild Haiti, and make it a better place.

To become an affiliated school, the institution must meet all of the following criteria:

14.) Platform

All teachers on our platform must have a profile on the organization's website. In this profile, one can find their contact information, courses, and other skills to contact them about lessons.

15.) Opportunities

To create opportunities for parents and kids to spend time together, we hold a night of workshops every three months. This is stored in a professional venue and includes arts, crafts, play, culturally relevant food, dance, and music. A camera is provided so that you can film the event for marketing purposes.

16.) Clean Space

Creating a safe and clean space for all children is an essential priority for us. We have parent volunteers who study the facilitator materials and clean the facility after our workshop event.

8.) Agreeement

The school must agree not to enroll any children of its owners, teachers, or managers.

9.) Affiliation

To become an affiliated school, the institution must agree to share information with our partners and us. This agreement is limited to marketing and fundraising purposes, as we believe it benefits everyone.

10.) Official

To become a school official, the institution must meet the following criteria: Parents must sign the agreed consent form and settle for the school to share their student's information with the organization and for their child to pay directly to the school.

11.) Participating

All participating institutions must agree to send representatives to all meetings of the organization's affiliates.

12.) Locations

Children with needs in the city where the affiliate is located can only be considered for recruitment.

13.) Cleaning

Cleaning up the world is a simple act that takes just a few minutes out of your day. We are asking parents and guardians to commit to participating once every week, at least one day per week, in clean-up efforts as a family. These practices encourage our children to care for their shared environment, strengthening their sense of community and responsibility.

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