FAQ & Resources

To be considered a VwAyiti brand ambassador, please look at our brand ambassador program details. If you meet all the below requirements and are interested in becoming an ambassador, we’d love to hear from you!


Welcome to our Brand Ambassador Community, a group of individuals passionate about helping others. You will play a vital role in representing our organization and motivating others in their networks to be equity personified daily. You will also play a significant role in supporting other digital campaigns, speaking about our work and the importance of our mission and values. We can all significantly impact the world by working together.

We want to build a community of volunteers who get involved in various ways: delivering talks (virtual or in person) to local community groups, schools, round tables, etc., about the work of VwAyiti and how they could help us achieve our goals.
Must be interested in remaining engaged with our clients and community, mainly through digital campaigns and other social media activities.
As a volunteer for VwAyiti, you are an ambassador for the organization. It would be best if you represented VwAyiti in your community by speaking about our mission and vision.

To create an online presence that will amplify our mission, promote social change through education, create a New Mindset in Haiti, Build the Education Engine, and Stop Hunger.

Attend the ambassador orientation and onboarding video meeting. This is an important event that will help you to kick-start your ambassador experience.

The ideal candidate must have excellent communication and organizational skills and good public speaking abilities.
You can use your passion for VwAyiti to inspire people about our work, who we are, and our purpose.
Be flexible to be called upon as needed.

1-Become a VwAyiti ambassador and be part of our team. This position is only available to select ambassadors, depending on your availability and location.
2-You will join a group of passionate people committed to making a difference in the lives of others, and we want you to be part of our team!
3-As a brand ambassador, you get to co-host with VwAyiti at local events, conferences, and promotional activities.
4-As a Social Impact Ambassador, you’ll engage with the Vwayiti audience and build your social footprint. As a part of the team, ambassadors will get hands-on experience working with top leaders in social impact. They’ll host live streams and podcasts, participate in takeovers and giveaways (for select ambassadors), and help reach new audiences on social media.
5-The VwAyiti ambassador program allows you to get involved with a network of like-minded supporters on a journey towards a more inclusive world. If you want to make a difference and grow your network of new contacts, this may be the perfect opportunity for you.
6-We seek a team player who’s dedicated to making the world a better place. You’ll be recognized as an individual who’s impacted the world.

Our brand ambassadors typically commit for periods of 2 years. The length of each contract depends on the level of engagement and the ambassador’s activities within the community.

The Vwayiti Brand Ambassador Program is designed to be short- or long-term for individuals who want to get involved in social media and help with our work.

Choose from a 1, 3, 6, or 9-month service. No commitment and you can stop at any time.

We will email you to inform you that your ambassadorship is ending, and you must act.
If you haven’t received an invitation to renew your ambassadorship with Vwayiti, please contact us directly. We will happily discuss your account and ensure it is updated.

Absolutely! We will formally invite you back in writing to continue your ambassadorship with us. At that point, you can decide whether you would like to continue. Those invited back into the program will not be required to reapply or fill out a new application.

Before you can become a brand ambassador, ambassadors must meet a few requirements.
You must be at least 18 years old and have a device that can be easily connected to the internet. A computer, tablet, or smartphone are all acceptable devices for this role.
You must have an active account with the social media platforms you want to use. An active Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account would be required.
Please ensure these are current and in good standing before signing up.
You must have intermediate to advanced proficiency in using social media platforms and creating visual and written content.
You will need to have a strong presence on various social media platforms.
You should be familiar with social media monitoring programs, online group collaboration tools, and other technology to help you as an ambassador. These include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram Metrics, Google Analytics, Buffer, and Hootsuite.