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Sponsor a Child

 We believe that small acts of kindness can change the world. By partnering with us, you can help change lives and provide hope to children, families, and their communities. When you sponsor a child, you give them the tools to escape poverty and disease.
Through our child sponsorship program, you make a real difference in kids’ lives as they fight poverty and overcome abuse, neglect, and daily exploitation.

Corporate Partners

Partner with Corporate to change the world together. Join the fight and make a difference! Every day, we strive to positively impact the world and have created a partnership with corporations to change the world together. Your donation can help to change lives.

Affiliate Schools

VwAyiti works in partnership with local organizations. Together, we look out for each other, share stories and ideas, report on progress, and inform actions. VwAyiti’s mission is to bring together people around the world to help children growing up under the worst conditions in Haiti. Our goal is to empower these children through education and access to resources so that they can grow into healthy and productive adults who contribute positively to their communities.

Media Partnership

A media partnership is a collaboration between media organizations and VwAyiti to help each other through promotion, raising visibility and credibility that should be in their interests.

Become an Ambassador

Welcome to our Brand Ambassador Community, a group of individuals passionate about helping others. You will play a vital role in representing our organization and motivating others in their networks to be equity personified daily. You will also play a significant role in supporting other digital campaigns, speaking about our work and the importance of our mission and values. We can all significantly impact the world by working together.

Individual Giving

When you sponsor a child, you share God’s love by providing vulnerable children with food, education, healthcare, and a chance to positively influence their environment. Your ongoing support will also enable organizations to provide protection from violence, abuse, and exploitation; protect their rights; and allow them to grow up in a loving family and community.

They Need Your Help!

Help us to save Children and Families in Haiti